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Ohio Computer Academy provides variety of computer/IT related courses. These courses start from the basics of computer science to advanced topics. All our instructors are experts in their respective subjects and have years of working experience. Our Courses work according to your preference and schedule. Upon successful completion of the course you will receive a course completion certificate.
You can take any of the offered courses. If your required course is not available, contact us with your wish-list and we will let you know as soon as that specific course is offered. Please visit our courses page to learn about all the courses currently offered.
All sessions are structured to provide you special attention. All the courses are inclusive of hands-on training. You can take a course in-class or online. Online sessions are provided through video conferencing applications.
Please contact us to set-up a free/no-obligation appointment with our career counselors and they will guide you by understanding your needs.

We take great pride in converting a non-IT person to an IT professional. Please contact us at Consultation can be done in-person, over the phone or video conferencing.
Click “Read More” on the course of your choice. Once inside the course, click on “Buy this course”. You will be prompted to register. Once your registration is approved, you can pay through paypal. You can always contact us at course
All payments can be made through Paypal. You can always contact us at for alternate ways of payment.
The Student will have two sessions to decide if he/she wants to continue the course. If he/she is not satisfied, a full refund will be made.
Yes. The Instructor will discuss with the student on a workable schedule. All classes can be taken during the weekdays, evenings and weekends. All classes are also provided online and in classrooms.
Yes. You can work with your instructor on the schedule.
Definitely. You can come to the orientation session at our office. Remote meetings can also be held online or through phone.
Ohio Computer Academy is not a placement agency but we work with different staffing agencies. We can refer you to these staffing companies. We also provide courses in interview sessions; you can always take advantage of our interview courses to increase your employment chances.
All courses come with 6-months of support. If you need longer support, you can sign-up for our support package.
All courses have different durations. You can check the course content and duration of the course by clicking on “Read More” on the specific course.
If due to some reason you have to take a break and cannot finish the session, your instructor will work with you to take a catch-up session or include you in the next batch.
Courses have different eligibility criteria. You can check the pre-requisites of the specific course.
Each course will have an assignment in the end. These assignments can be done at home, in the class or online.
For these courses, you will need access to a laptop and a Wi-Fi connection.
We have range of free courses. You can also enroll for scholarships. Visit our scholarship page to understand the scholarship criteria.
Though we encourage students and instructors to resolve any disputes themselves but in case of any specific issues, you can contact us at
Our instructors are located in different regions and time-zones. Many of our instructors can provide sessions in your time-zone. Please let us know you time-zone and we will accommodate your requirements.

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