How To Become An Instructor

Register and teach onsite/classroom or online
Earn upto 80% of the course fee.

Do you have a passion for teaching?
Do you think knowledge increases by sharing?
Are you considered an expert in your area?
Then become an instructor
  1. Login as an Instructor. Once your userid is approved, you can update your user profile or send your instructor’s profile to
  2. You will receive a notification to enter your course content.
  3. The course content can be in text, video or audio.
  4. Ohio Computer Academy reserves the right to approve the course content.
  5. The Course content can contain
    1. Section
      1. Chapter
      2. Quizzes
  6. Each course will have a schedule or time duration it will take to complete.
  7. The Instructor can teach in the class-room or online. The Instructor can also choose to sell the content – text, video or audio.
  8. Visit How to create a course for step-by-step guidance in creating the course.
  1. The Instructor can be an individual or an institute.
  2. The Instructor profile will be reviewed by OhioCompuerAcademy.
  3. One Instructor can impart multiple courses.
  4. The course should not be offensive to any country, culture or gender.
  5. As part of the enrollment process, the instructor will agree to submit a blog article to be displayed in the blog section of Ohio Computer Academy. Ohio Computer Academy reserves the right to approve the blog article.
  6. The Instructor will suggest a fee for the course. This fee will be approved by Ohio Computer Academy on discussion with the instructor.
  7. Ohio Computer Academy will charge 20% of the course fee per candidate per course.
  8. The Instructor may choose to put the courses on sale anytime.
  9. From time to time Ohio Computer Academy may put courses on sale or provide discount coupons to the students. The Instructors’ participation will be appreciated in such events.
  10. Ohio Computer Academy may host “Meet the Trainers” event online or in person. The Instructors will be required to make themselves available for such an event.

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